Spring Constant


1 gr

On the left, there is an interactive simulation designed to obtain the spring constant of an unknown spring. The value of the spring constant can be changed by moving the slider below
 spring spring

The mass of the hanger can be neglected while the mass of the different weights is given on the left table.

5 gr
10 gr
20 gr 
50 gr
100 gr
200 gr
500 gr

Build a table of data based on the result of adding masses to the hanger and measuring the spring elongation with the centimeters scale provided. Make your own selection of weights to be hanged from the spring. The table below has maximum space for ten data points plus the table heading. In order to activate the table entrances for the first data point the heading must be entered. After the headings have been defined, the first data point can be entered. the second data point can only be entered after the first data point have been completed. Additional data points can be entered following the same sequential procedure. You can enter up to a maximum of ten data points. Only one data point is necessary to continue with the exercise.


After filling the desired data points, a graph of the data may be completed by pressing the appropriated button above. Modifications to the graph can be obtained by returning to this page.